Muhammad: Origins of Islam

  • The Pre-Islamic World

    Chaos was spreading all over the Arab Peninsula. Incessant ghazu raids now led to what seemed to be a constant state of warfare between tribes, a condition that was exacerbated by unprecedented drought and famine.

  • Jahiliyyah, “The Time of Ignorance”

    Despite an apparent code of chivalry (muruwah), by the end of the sixth century Arabs considered their own tribe first before anything, no matter what a tribe member had done.

  • The Life of Muhammad

    Orphaned at 6, Muhammad was saved from a life of slavery by his uncle who gave him a job in his successful caravan business. Married to a successful businesswoman in her own right, Muhammad saw firsthand how the leading families of the Quraysh lived.

  • Muhammad the Messenger

    Muhammad had developed a refined integrated understanding, an intuitive capacity to connect to what has been referred to throughout our religious history as God/Truth/Knowledge/Love.

  • Understanding the Qu’ran

    Traditionally it is understood that there are seven levels of understanding possible in the passages of the Qu’ran.

  • A New Mindset

    Muhammad was tasked to revitalize the original monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham and other prophets whose messages had become misinterpreted or corrupted over time.

  • Muhammad the Unifier

    Muhammad, was tasked to unite not only the Arab tribes, but, as he proclaimed again and again, anyone who believes in the One True God.

  • Moral and Social Reform

    Muhammad was convinced that social reform must be founded on a new spiritual solution, or it would remain superficial.

  • Judaism and Christianity in the Qur’an

    Islam, unlike any of its predecessors, insisted that truth became available to all peoples at specific times in their development; and that Islam, far from being a new religion, was no more and no less than the last in the chain of great religions addressed to the peoples of the world.

  • The Community of Believers

    Just as the first followers of Jesus did not think of themselves as part of a new religion, the original community around Muhammad did not either.