The Human Journey is the story of the human mind, how it developed, the world it made, and the problems it solved. The future depends on what we learn of the past… Read more

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Human Journey

Equal Inheritance

The erotic and peaceable bonobo might offer a fresh way of thinking about our true ancestry.

The Rocky Road to a Sustainable Future

Climate Change

We started it and we can stop it. What stands in the way of our collective will to change course?

Human Journey

Debt, Trust and Money

We all think we know about money. But do we understand what money actually is, and what it represents?

Mosaic of Alexander the Great

The Journey of Greek Ideas

Classical Greek ideas and culture are considered the foundation of Western civilization, but the journey from Athens to the Renaissance was more complex than is traditionally understood.

babies crying together

Who’s Like Me?

We are born with the ability to judge who is “like me” and who isn’t – so is racism innate? The answer may surprise you.

Moral dilemma from Joshua Green

Emotion or Reason?

You see an oncoming trolley about to strike and kill five workers. The only way to save them is to push another person onto the tracks to stop the trolley. Would you do it?

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A Contemporary Look at the Nature of Religious Experience

People can persuade themselves of anything. Many believe that death is a transition to a transcendental world, that miracles occur through the will of God, or that our lives are ruled by immaterial spirits. How is it that, in our scientific age, when we have learned so much about the evolution of the universe and the nature of life, so many still cling to such beliefs? Why is it that faith - belief in the unprovable - is considered a virtue?Read more

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Edward T. Hall: Culture Below the Radar

The late cultural anthropologist Edward T. Hall argued that some of the most important aspects of culture were those that were invisible to its holders, lying below conscious awareness.Read more