Travel our amazing journey out of Africa to modern society

Discover who we are, how we evolved, what we might become


Journey of the Human Mind

The Human Journey is the journey of the human mind, how it developed, the world it made and the problems it solved. The future depends on understanding who we are, what is unchanging about human nature, and what we can and must change to survive. Once we know our human story – social, psychological and biological – we will be better equipped to fully adapt and solve the problems of the world, many of which are man-made. …

Equal Inheritance

The erotic and peaceable bonobo might offer a fresh way of thinking about our true ancestry.

The Rocky Road to a Sustainable Future

Climate Change

We started it and we can stop it. What stands in the way of our collective will to change course?

Debt, Trust and Money

We all think we know about money. But do we understand what money actually is, and what it represents? How and when did the first money appear? Do we think of it as a way to measure and reliably store value?

children engaged in diamond mining in Sierra Leone.

World of the Poor

An estimated 27 million men, women and children are held in slavery in the world today.

babies crying together

Who’s Like Me?

We are born with the ability to judge who is “like me” and who isn’t – so is racism innate? The answer may surprise you.

Moral dilemma from Joshua Green

Emotion or Reason?

You see an oncoming trolley about to strike and kill five workers. The only way to save them is to push another person onto the tracks to stop the trolley. Would you do it?

Travel the Journey

The Road to the Future

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