Jesus and the Zealots: A Study of the Political Factor in Primitive Christianity


by S.G.F. Brandon

Professor Brandon explores the relationship between Jesus and the whole Jewish cause against Rome, including the Zealot movement. He provides a fundamental reinterpretation of a great part of the four Gospel narratives as these were shaped by political and social forces two generations later.

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“Samuel George Frederick Brandon (1907–21 October 1971)[…] was a graduate of the University of Leeds. He was ordained in 1932 after Anglican training at Mirfield, and then spent seven years as a parish priest before enrolling as an army chaplain in World War II, after which he began a successful academic career in 1951 as a historian of religion. Brandon’s most influential work, Jesus and the Zealots, was published in 1967, wherein he advanced the claim that Jesus fitted well within the ideology of the anti-Roman Zealot group.” —Wikipedia