Me and My Feelings: What Emotions Are and How We Can Manage Them

by Robert Guarino, illustrated by Jeff Jackson

ME AND MY FEELINGS, the second book in the All About Me Series, explores the mystery of our feelings. What are emotions? How and why do they work the way they do? How can we manage our feelings when we need to? Here readers will discover all that scientists and researchers know about emotions. Once people understand emotions, they will find them easier to manage in themselves and easier to understand in others. The book also introduces some ideas and tricks that can help us do this. Author Robert Guarino has developed many hands-on activities and experiments in the book which are fun and instructive and will help to reinforce these new ideas.

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The All About Me Series from Hoopoe Books presents books to help you understand yourself and how you, as a human being, work. This is fundamental information, but we often forget to teach you about it in school. For example, what psychologists know about how we see, think, and feel. How these abilities work, how they change, grow or get stuck and how reliable they are as we try to make sense of ourselves, our friends, our relatives and the world around us. There is good, solid information readily available and scientifically validated … and it’s all about you … and me.