Reconstructing Human Origins: A Modern Synthesis

by Glenn Conroy & Herman Pontze

Reconstructing Human Origins is the most authoritative, comprehensive, and popular paleoanthropology textbook available. Respected anthropologists Glenn Conroy and new coauthor Herman Pontzer use clear writing and abundant, carefully chosen illustrations to illuminate key concepts and help students get the most out of the course. This definitive paleoanthropology text has been fully revised to keep pace with all of the exciting recent developments in the field.

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Glenn C. Conroy (Ph.D. Yale University) has served as Course Master of Human Anatomy and Development in the Medical School at Washington University, where he is professor of anatomy and anthropology. His research analyzes paleontological evidence for primate evolution, particularly over the past 15 million years of Earth history. Of particular interest is the time period between 15-5 mya, the temporal framework within which humans and African apes diverged. His research team in Namibia has discovered the first Miocene hominoid ever found in sub-equatorial Africa and has also collected one of the most extensive middle Miocene faunas from Africa. He is author of Primate Evolution (1990) as well as numerous research articles.