The Dance of Life: The Other Dimension of Time

“Hall, whose Beyond Culture and The Silent Language won a wider readership, has written a ground-breaking investigation of the ways we use and abuse time, rich in insights applicable to our lives. Business readers will enjoy the cross-cultural comparison of American know-how with practices of compartmentalized German, centralized French, and ceremonious Japanese firms.”  —Publishers Weekly

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The late American cultural anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Edward T. Hall was considered an outlier in his broader field of ethnography. Unlike most of his 20th century colleagues working in anthropology, Hall wasn’t drawn to the more tangible aspects of what most of us call human “culture”: things like music, food, art, language, dance, clothing, rituals, celebrations and rites of passage. Instead, after spending his early adulthood working and travelling among non-Anglophones, both in the United States and in other parts of the world, he became cognizant and fascinated in the deeper layers of culture that he claimed lie buried beneath those more obvious forms.

Hall devoted his academic life to studying and articulating the various aspects of “unconscious culture” in a cross-cultural context, writing several books on comparative non-verbal behaviour including, The Silent LanguageThe Hidden DimensionThe Dance of Life, and Beyond Culture. His ideas, like those of his two friends and colleagues, Marshall McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller, both of whose works he influenced, were the bases of new paradigms about human behaviour that changed the way we see the world and ourselves.