The Gospel of Thomas

by Dr. A. Nyland

Written for the general reader, Dr. A. Nyland’s new translation contains both the Coptic and the Greek translations of the Gospel of Thomas. New Testament parallels are also included. As usual, Dr. Nyland avoids theological commentary, and the notes address solely the language. The Nag Hammadi discovery of 1945 unearthed a complete version of The Gospel of Thomas in Coptic. This discovery made it possible to identify the Oxyrhynchus texts as fragments of a Greek edition of The Gospel of Thomas. While there is close correlation between the two versions, there are also notable differences.

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Dr. A. Nyland spent her time on Faculty at the University of New England, Australia, teaching ancient grammar and ancient history. She is the best selling translator of such books as The Complete Books of Enoch and author of What Were the Watchers? as well as Nephilim and Giants. The information based on her books is not based on her own opinions, but is presented with a view to getting actual facts out there. This is harder and harder in this day and age with misinformation spreading like wildfire on the net, driven by all the books by authors who know no ancient languages, and get their information from English translations rather than the original texts. It is futile to research ancient texts in English translation.