Welcome to The Human Journey Blog

Welcome to The Human Journey Blog!

By John Zada and Mel Raff | October 1, 2022

We’ve created this blog section to bring you supplemental material related to our core website content, which looks at the current scientific knowledge about our origins, evolution, and development potential.

The blog will feature posts that touch on how varying aspects of human nature impact our cultures and lives. Becoming better familiarized with the powerful machinations of human nature and how so much of our behaviour operates below awareness, can give us increased agency—both as individuals and collectives.

Understanding how our minds evolved can help us see their limitations. If we can consciously move beyond those limitations, we might start to see connections and solutions, otherwise invisible, to the urgent and intensifying problems we face as a race.

For those who are new to these ideas and are interested in learning more, you can explore the website and also pick up any of author Robert Ornstein or Idries Shah’s books, linked-to in the sidebar.

You can also watch an interesting interview that brings together some of these ideas, entitled, ‘The Nature of Higher Consciousness with Sally Ornstein.’

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