Our Plastic Earth

  • The Plastic in Our Life

    Soon, if not already, the weight of all the plastic in the world’s oceans will weigh more than all of the oceans’ fish. Much of this plastic is in the fish themselves. Plastic both in the seas and on land travels up the food chain. Every human eats, drinks, and inhales plastic every day.

  • Plastic Recycling – One Chance in Twenty

    Every year we manufacture an amount of plastic about equal to the weight of all the people on Earth. Plastic is designed to last for centuries, but most of it is used only once and thrown away. Only 5% of plastic is recycled in the US, by far the world’s foremost plastic-using nation.

  • The Future of Plastic

    Plastic is a miraculous material, but the plastic industry has created a global crisis. Reduce, reuse and recycle has been the approach to plastic waste, but this has failed. A new future for plastic is needed where plastic is not harmful and waste plastic is completely recycled.