Our Climate Crisis—and What We Can Do About It

  • Our Climate Crisis

  • Three Basic Facts about the Climate

    Today everyone knows (or certainly should know) that the Earth is warming, that humans are the cause, and that this warming is changing our planet’s climate in a way that threatens life as we now find it.

  • Energy, Greenhouse Gases, and Climate Change in the Twenty-first Century

    Climate and energy data is often presented in units that may be unfamiliar. But the units chosen here are intended to make comparisons simple.

  • Tipping Points – The Riskiest Bet

    When our planet’s average temperature increases steadily and gradually, the climate – the range of the weather over a period of time – gradually changes as well, until it suddenly jumps into a new condition. Scientists who study these abrupt changes refer to them as tipping points.

  • China and Coal and Sunlight

    China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has promised to shrink emissions to zero by 2060. It is critical to anyone born in this century that China keeps this promise.

  • India

    In recent years India has defied calls to abandon its aggressive plans to burn more coal. But now economics and a crisis in health have set the nation on a new course.

  • The Downside of Being First

    The US has by far the most extensive energy infrastructure. Upgrading it for renewable energy will be difficult and expensive but enormously beneficial.

  • Solutions

  • Our Dark Materials

    Powering the world using sustainable energy will require huge numbers of wind turbines, solar panels, and storage batteries. These will need many new sources of rare earth materials.

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

    Improvements in energy efficiency are by far the quickest and least costly solution to the climate crisis.