What’s the Catch?: How to Avoid Getting Hooked and Manipulated


by David S. Sobel, M.D., illustrated by Jeff Jackson

This book is the third in Hoopoe Book’s ALL ABOUT ME series. In it readers will look at how people (from our parents to our peers) and media (from advertising to the internet) try to influence us. In many situations we are influenced to think, feel or behave in ways we might not usually do. Sometimes that influence is helpful, but at other times we end up shortchanged. The book explores situations and examples that will help us become more aware of the forces nudging and pushing us.

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To get the most of out the book, there are many fun and entertaining activities the reader can do over and over again, and which help us to see more clearly when we being helped or when we are being manipulated, brainwashed and tricked. And readers can learn when and how to protect themselves from unwanted influence. The author, David Sobel, M.D., is a practicing physician and presents ideas that are easy to read and absorb. The book is illustrated by artist Jeff Jackson with a cast of teen characters and images to help highlight these ideas. The All About Me Series from Hoopoe Books presents books to help you understand yourself and how you, as a human being, work. This is fundamental information, but we often forget to teach you about it in school. For example, what psychologists know about how we see, think, and feel. How these abilities work, how they change, grow or get stuck and how reliable they are as we try to make sense of ourselves, our friends, our relatives and the world around us. There is good, solid information readily available and scientifically validated … and it’s all about you … and me.