What We See and Don’t See

WHAT WE SEE AND DON’T SEE, the fourth book in the All About Me series, explores what science and research shows about how we perceive our world. Readers will learn how our brain makes sense of the world. They will discover how our brain simplifies and organizes information: How we see what we see and, sometimes, don’t see what is obviously in front of us. They will discover how our five senses can be “extended,” and our perception enhanced. They’ll explore how there is more to perception than what meets the eye (or ear, or nose, or…), and how our culture can influence how we experience our surroundings. In other words, learn why it is important to “keep the bear at bay.”

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The All About Me Series from Hoopoe Books presents books to help you understand yourself and how you, as a human being, work. This is fundamental information, but we often forget to teach you about it in school. For example, what psychologists know about how we see, think, and feel. How these abilities work, how they change, grow or get stuck and how reliable they are as we try to make sense of ourselves, our friends, our relatives and the world around us. There is good, solid information readily available and scientifically validated … and it’s all about you … and me.